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Dear friends,

Tourism today is one of the most dynamic areas of modern life. For some it means work, for others it is the way to relax. But whether one travels to another town, region or country or continent as a tourist, an adventurer or a businessman, one discovers different world, with different way of life. Sometimes it is an alien world, UNKNOWN world, but still interesting to discover.

One of the rules of a traveller, based not only on ethics but on one's security too, states: we cannot tailor the world to ourselves. It is more exciting to discover something new than to look for something familiar. Not to adjust this new world to the known patterns but to experience it and to discover it for oneself.

The website Earth so close and so far away is an information and knowledge web resource: very few people know what taiga means, even less people know that the word jungle is a wrong definition made once by Kipling. All information you will read and all pictures you will see on this website are the result of my personal experience and travels. That s why there is my name in the title of the website. We plan to organise expeditions across the world, and in this respect Russia is not less interesting for us to discover than any exotic country and the beauty of Europe is not limited by the known tourist routes.

This does not mean that the website is there to display reports about my latest travels. Apart from already existing information describing my trips to different parts of the planet there will be a section dedicated to the ethnography and culture studies, gastronomy, flora and fauna of different countries.

You can also find information on the activities of the non-commercial foundation under the same title Earth so close and so far away on this website. The aim of the foundation is popularization of sport tourism and healthy way of life, extending the knowledge of my compatriots about ethnic groups and their traditions and culture, preserving peace in the world and keeping good relations with people of different nationalities and religions.

As a part of foundation work we also organise exhibitions and sale of the African handicrafts on the website.

Yours sincerely,
Vladimir Feoktistov
e-mail: vlad@zdb.ru

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